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Politicians in High School

Buzzfeed’s extensive photo collection of political figures as teenagers includes candidates, governors, senators, judges, mayors, political wives, and even a couple of journalists and pundits. As ever, you can sort them into preps, nerds, jocks, and stoners if you like, although fashions change and they are, of course, different ages. They haven’t changed all that [...]

The Best and Worst Political Campaign Songs (But Mostly the Worst)

With the campaign for the Republican nomination in full swing, candidates are beginning to rally their bases, retool their talking points and (cue the intro music, please!) select their campaign songs—those upbeat little ditties that play at rallies, speeches and pretty much whenever a candidate walks on stage. The Art of Choosing the Right Campaign [...]

Our 40,000th Twitter Follower

I’ve long said it was a major goal to have 40,000 Twitter followers by December 11th. (OK, back in July, I might have said something closer to “I don’t see any reason we can’t have 100,000 followers by the end of the year.” I’m not great at predicting things. I thought both Rudy Giuliani and [...]