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The Missing Links: Stupid Uses For the Moon

A Very Useful Machine Is this the best Rube Goldberg machine ever? If you aren’t familiar with them, first check out what they are. Then watch this incredible example in action: * A Very Useless Machine You’ve seen the world’s most useless machine. Now see it turned into a perfect analogy for our political climate. * There Aren’t Many [...]

Link Latte 182

#182 – Week of June 16, 2012 Welcome to Life: All Too Scary Scenario – [fantastic video] Most Detailed Urban Graffiti / Murals – [art, click next] Great Article: Lost Libraries – [pics, info] Known Universe: Staggering Scale Video – [wow video] Moving Optical Illusions by Takahiro Kurashima, more – [videos, art] Unbelievable Tube Made From VHS Magnetic Tape – [wow [...]

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

(Vimeo link) HEYHEYHEY, the studio behind Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine, or just Melvin) designed this Rube Goldberg machine with a bit of a twist–instead of just performing simple tasks with mind-bending inefficiency, Melvin’s also in the business of self-promotion. While Melvin is performing, he takes pictures, makes videos of his audience, then [...]

The World’s Most Complex Rube Goldberg Machine

(YouTube link) Purdue University holds an annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for students from colleges all over. A world record was set this year, as the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers team of 17 students built a contraption that took 244 steps to water a flower. That beat the existing [...]

Watering Plant, the Rube Goldbergian Way!

In the 2011 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest at Purdue, 11 teams compete to water a plant in 20 or more steps. Here’s the winning entry: [YouTube Clip] The winning entry was based on a time machine that followed the history of the world from the big bang to the present. It took 212 steps to finally [...]

Mission Impossible Squirrel

(Video Link) Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to cross an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine until arriving at a bird feeder. Good luck, Chompers. via SnarkyBytes

Google Science Fair 2011

Google is holding a science fair online! If you’re from 13-18 years old, and work either alone or in a team or two or three, you can enter. The prizes include scholarships, visits to major research institutions, Scientific American subscriptions, and LEGO products. The deadline is in April of this year, and I’m sure we’ll [...]


[YouTube - Link] What is this? It’s like a holographic Rube Goldberg machine! Just creative use of an iPod, a TV, 2 computer monitors and precision timing. They say there were no special effects used, which must mean there was no cheating in the making of the video, because the overall effect is special. From [...]