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Why is the sun so perfectly round ?

It’s hot, it’s bright and it also happens to be one of the most pefectly round things ever measured. Jeff Kuhn and Isabelle Scholl of the University o…

How Drinking Can Solve All Your (Word Association) Problems

Ryan McVay/Photodisc Here’s a gem for your next round of barstool trivia: a recent study shows that people who have a couple drinks solve brainteasers faster—and get more correct answers—than their sober peers. Jennifer Wiley, of the University of Illinois in Chicago, asked 40 men to play a few mind games to test creative problem solving skills. Half [...]

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 55

The weekend approaches, _flossers! To take you into the warm embrace of a Friday, here is another round of the game that’s sweeping the nation: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. The Beatles – Yer Blues Bob Dylan – Thunder On The [...]

How to Make a Rainbow with a Shotgun

(Video Link) It’s a twofer — make a pretty rainbow and reduce the leprechaun infestation on your land. In this heartwarming video, a young lady named Kristi pours round after round into a creek to create a lovely rainbow. I should remember this trick for the next Valentine’s Day. -via Everyday, No Days Off

1000 Comics

Congratulations to Randall Munroe on the 1000th comic published at xkcd! Only 24 to go, and he’ll have a big, round number to brag about. Link

Prehistoric Product Development Focus Group Examines the "Wheel" Concept

(Video Link) Yes, it’s round, which doesn’t sell well with male customers, but we can make it work! We just have to pitch it the right way. Click on the link to submit your own design idea, and then watch it be brutally rejected. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Miss Cellania Previously: The Stop Sign, If It Were Designed [...]

Has King Arthur’s round table been found ?

Archaeologists may have discovered the location of Arthur’s round table in Stirling, Scotland. A circular feature has been identified underneath the m…

10 Cool Tiny Artworks

Over on Mental Floss, Miss C has a great round up of tiny artworks by extremely talented artists. My personal favorite is the tiny working gun seen here, created by Michel Lefaivre. I can’t help but wonder how much damage this little thing could actually do. Link

Bruce Jenner, John Wayne and a Newborn Baby: 18 Curious Draft Picks

It’s a guarantee that in this year’s NFL Draft, a future Hall of Famer will be selected after someone who never plays a down in the league. What we can say with equal certainty (well, almost) is that no team will try to draft a newborn baby, select a Hollywood movie star, scout from the [...]

The Number of the Day: $140,000

An original, round Monopoly board created by the game’s inventor, Charles Darrow—the only one of 5,000 originals known to still exist—recently sold at auction for the equivalent of over $140,000. Related Fact: Since its invention, more than six billion green houses and 2.25 billion red hotels have been made. [Source: The Daily Mail. See previous Numbers of [...]