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Buy an Entire Town for $799,000

In most towns around the country $799,000 may get you a decent house. However in the town of Scenic, SD that amount will the entire town. The nine residents of Scenic, S.D., say the 12-acre city, including a saloon, post office and two stores, was once a “rough and tumble cowboy town” that now, like [...]

Zara Hartshorn 13 Year Girl Looks 30 Older

Zara Hartshorn 13 Year Old Girl that Looks 30 Years OlderZara lives at home with her mom, sisters and a brother. There is, of course, the usual rough-and-tumble and sibling bickering one would expect in a large family. But, Zara said, she feels safe and loved. No one makes fun of her, unlike every time [...]