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10 Scandalous VP Stories Worth a Warm Bucket of Spit

Getty Images This morning Mitt Romney tapped Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. John Nance Garner, FDR’s first vice president, either said the VP position wasn’t worth “a warm pitcher of piss” or “a warm bucket of spit.” Whatever body fluid and receptacle he really used, you get the idea. But that doesn’t mean [...]

10 Scandalous VP Stories Not in Dick Cheney’s New Book

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has a book coming out next week, which he says is going to have “heads exploding all over Washington.” One revelation: because he was worried about an incapacitating heart attack or stroke, he signed a secret resignation letter in March 2001, which was kept in a safe. As he told [...]

The Royal or Editorial "We"

Ben Zimmer has an article at The New York Times addressing a person using the word “we”, sometimes referred to as “the royal we”, when speaking or writing. When it’s not clear who the person is speaking for, it can sound downright pompous. A New York senator, Roscoe Conkling, once said, “Yes, I have noticed [...]