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Full Circle: Film From the Point of View of the Jump Rope

Grab some dramamine and then watch this video clip. Full Circle is film by Callum Cooper for fashion company Klezinski, which shows us what jumping rope looks like from the perspective of the rope. Hit play or go to Link [vimeo] [...]

Moo Cheese Singles Pod

Moo Cheese Singles Pod – $4.95 Is your fridge over run by a herd of loose cheese singles?  Rope them in with the Moo Cheese Singles Pod from the NeatoShop. This playful little container is udderly perfect for keeping cheese singles nice and tidy. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Kitchen Stuff. Link

Geronimo Jumps

(YouTube link) Samantha Valle taught her German shepherd Geronimo to jump rope Double Dutch style and other neat tricks, too. See more dogs jumping rope at Mother Board. Link -via Laughing Squid

The Late Movies: Double Dutch

Growing up in Philadelphia, lots of girls in my neighborhood jumped rope. The most impressive did double dutch. (I dabbled, but was never really coordinated enough for one rope, let alone two.) The activity has grown in popularity in recent years. In 2009, double dutch became a varsity sport in New York City public schools. [...]

Jesse James’ First Train Robbery

With nothing more than some rope, some guns and a whole lot of gumption, Jesse James committed the first train robbery in the west 138 years ago today. James’ posse, the James and Younger gang, plotted to overtake a Rock Island Railroad train passing through Adair, Iowa, loaded with a cargo of gold. The plan they [...]

Cut the Rope Cake

Cut the Rope is right up there with Angry Birds as far as addicting iPhone games go, don’t you think? If you haven’t been playing it, perhaps this amazing cake from Crazy Beautiful Cakes will inspire you to make a visit to the App Store. There are a bunch of other amazing game-inspired cakes over [...]

12,000 year old textiles found in Peru

Ancient rope and textiles found in a Peruvian cave are the oldest ever found in South America. The textiles were discovered 30 years ago in Guitarrer…

Yak Skiing

John’s post about Horse Boarding is pretty nifty, but I believe I can top that. Behold, the extreme sports of yak skiing. All you need are a yak, a pair of skiis, and some nuts (well, it helps if you yourself are a bit nuts): In the Indian hill resort of Manali, Tibetan Peter Dorje runs [...]

Sledding Winch

As Paul Overton puts it grandly “For centuries, man has been looking for a way to go sledding without all the pesky exercise, and Josh has found it!” Indeed he has. Josh of Cycle Karts rigged a winch to a 8 hp go kart engine so that people could sled down be hauled back without [...]

Man Seeks World Rope-Sleeping Record

A Chinese man who claims he can sleep on a rope tied between two trees is hoping to get into the Guinness Books of Records.Gao Yang, 37, says it took him nearly a quarter of a century to master the skill but he can now sleep on the rope for seven hours.Gao, of Anshan, northeastern [...]