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Drawn to Facts No. 005: A full-grown pumpkin has about 15 miles of roots

Illustration by: Jacob Hanover Fact:A full-grown pumpkin has about 15 miles of roots. Check out all of our illustrated facts here.


I have trouble enough just walking down the street, so I’m doubly impressed with this sports of youngsters today called Tricking (apparently it has roots in Martial Arts). Watch it as practiced by Brandon McCuien and [...]

Jimmy Fallon and JT Drop Some Hip-Hop

Last week, Justin Timberlake appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie role. After the interview, the pair launched into a fully choreographed hip-hop medley that has come to be known as “The History of Rap” (although it focuses heavily on late 80′s, 90′s, and 2000′s songs — this is by [...]