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11 Not-So-Famous People We Lost in 2012

It’s been a solemn year for the deaths of famous and significant people – and as always, many died who were less famous, but should be saluted nonetheless for their contributions to the world. Here are 11 of the lesser-known greats who passed this year. 1. Murray Lender: Bagel Tycoon Lender’s Bagels Historical Images Murray Lender, son of [...]

The History of Ronald McDonald

A search for the origin of a clown costume led Elyse Luray of the PBS series History Detectives to do research on how the character of Ronald McDonald came about. Several people had a hand in creating the advertising icon. Around 1963, a McDonald’s in Washington, D.C., decided to boost business by sponsoring “Bozo’s Circus,” a [...]

Soviet Statue turned Monument to Capitalism

A militaristic statue in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently visited by pop culture vandals, who added some color and re-envisioned the proud Soviet soldiers as superheroes and icons of capitalism, such as Captain America, Santa Claus, Superman, and even Ronald McDonald. Completing the piece is the slogan written below, which claims to put the statue “…in [...]

White House Santas of the 1980s

When it gets this close to Christmas, you can barely turn around without spying someone in a Santa suit. Although most of these Saint Nicks are just old guys who happen to have the man in red’s robust physique, every year some famous Kris Kringles don the suit. Some even hit the White House. Let’s [...]

Not-So-Famous Firsts: Halloween Edition

Whether you’re taking some little ones out trick-or-treating or going to an adult party dressed as a radish, we join you in the spirit of Halloween and offer up a few not-so-famous firsts related to the holiday. Oh, and please have your kids save their Necco Wafers, Good ‘N Plenty, Circus Peanuts and other “ick” [...]

Trick or Treat: Is There Poison in Your Pixy Stix?

© Photo Media/ClassicStock/Corbis (1974) Halloween has to be one of the best days on a kid’s calendar. Not only do you get to put on a snappy new costume and pretend to be a monster, superhero, or princess, but you also get free candy just for ringing doorbells. Seriously, what could be better than that? Of course, [...]

Harry Dubin at Work in Old New York

Jeff Kisseloff interviewed grocer Harry Dubin about an article written about him in 1947, but then found something much more interesting about Dubin. I picked up the album and opened it, and my eyes nearly jumped out of my head. Inside were some 30 color photographs taken in and around the city in the 1940s. I [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Defunct Advertising Characters

We all know that Mickey Mouse is the figurehead for the Disney company and Ronald McDonald is the recognized face of his namesake fast food chain. But it wasn’t always that way! Check out these 10 mascots that represented their companies before being replaced by the latest and greatest. 1. Alice, The Walt Disney Company. Before [...]

What a Blockbuster Movie Can Do to a Small Town

What if a story about your little hometown became extremely popular and brought visitors from all over the world seeking a piece of it? When a book or movie puts a quiet little town on the map, you have to expect people will want to come and see it. Whether that’s a benefit or curse [...]