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Turn an Enemy into a Friend with a Hug

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Jaws and Chief Brody. Ronald McDonald and the Burger King. They aren’t destined to be enemies. All they need is to show each other a little love, as Ingrid Aspöck’s cartoons illustrate. You should do likewise! Hug the next person that you see. Link -via Bit Rebels | Artist’s Website

Perseus with the Head of Ronald McDonald

Italian artist Giuseppe Veneziano updated the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa with this sculpture. It’s a bit harsh. I mean, Ronald McDonald never turned anyone into stone. Artist’s Website (some NSFW images) -via Kurositas | Photo by Flickr user mamasaurus rex used under Creative Commons license

The World’s Largest Big Mac

Behold, the world’s largest Big Mac. The 14-foot-tall sandwich lives in the North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, McDonald’s, which also serves as the official Big Mac Museum. It was created for the Big Mac’s 40th anniversary in 2008. Pictured with the giant burger is Jim Delligatti, a franchisee who created the real thing back in 1967. If [...]

The History of Ronald McDonald

A search for the origin of a clown costume led Elyse Luray of the PBS series History Detectives to do research on how the character of Ronald McDonald came about. Several people had a hand in creating the advertising icon. Around 1963, a McDonald’s in Washington, D.C., decided to boost business by sponsoring “Bozo’s Circus,” a [...]

Soviet Statue turned Monument to Capitalism

A militaristic statue in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently visited by pop culture vandals, who added some color and re-envisioned the proud Soviet soldiers as superheroes and icons of capitalism, such as Captain America, Santa Claus, Superman, and even Ronald McDonald. Completing the piece is the slogan written below, which claims to put the statue “…in [...]

Soviet War Memorial Gets Americanized

A monument featuring a relief of soldiers stands in Sofia, Bulgaria to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Soviet takeover of Bulgaria. This weekend, street artists altered the scene with paint. Now the figures resemble Superman, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, the Joker, and other pop culture icons! See more pictures at io9. Link

James Charles’ Altered Currency

Also featuring Abraham Lincoln as Frida Kahlo and Andrew Jackson as Ronald McDonald. James Charles has made some slight adjustments to US currency. These are on display at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, as well as at the link. Link via Dude Craft | Gallery Website

Cheeseburger & Fries LEGO Podracers

Who do you think would be a better podracer: Ronald McDonald or Anakin Skywalker? This piece by Tommy Williamson was submitted to a contest for unique LEGO podracers. Image Link and Contest Link via Super Punch

The Quick 10: The Shamrock Shake

Many people overdo it with the drinking today, and I’m one of them. But it wasn’t Guinness or Jameson that got me in trouble – it was the Shamrock Shake. I wait for them to come out every year so I can indulge – and at 740 calories in a medium, it’s definitely an indulgence. [...]

Conjoined Ernie Twins

Etsy seller Rachel Peters makes Franken Toys — freakish dolls and stuffed animals attached to each other, probably against their will: Elmo’s head on a toucan’s body, Ronald McDonald and a Teletubby, and more. It’s like a mad scientist started producing children’s television. Link via Comics Alliance