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Harry Potter Throw Pillows

Harry, Hermoine and Ron all look so darn cute in their little pillow forms. Of course, I’d feel like my couch was a little unbalanced unless I had matching Slytherin pillows. Fortunately though, Etsy seller PantoufledeVerre makes plenty of them as well. Link Via Geek Crafts

At the Libraries: Help a Library in Need

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a comment! Guys, we have a library in severe need — their AC unit was stolen, but you can help them buy a new one. Every dollar counts! * It’s [...]

The Art Of Ron English And….Chris Brown?

In what must be the most unlikely pairing ever, artiste extraordinaire Ron English and pop star/face puncher Chris Brown participated in a joint art show together entitled Dumb English and, to my surprise, Chris Brown’s paintings aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen scrawled on canvas. Sure, his style is a bit contrived, and each piece looks [...]

The Late Movies: Homemade Water Park

Water parks cost a pretty penny, especially if you have a lot of people who want to have some fun in the water. There are ways around this, as you can see from these folks who fashioned their own water park rides. The safest way to enjoy these rides is to watch someone else do [...]

10 Celebrity Refreshments

Advertisers know that the taste of a better lifestyle will sell products. Celebrities learn this as well, and can make a killing putting their name on something that can impart even a little of their charm on a fan. These beverages just might be the perfect gift for a fan that you know. 1. Marilyn Manson [...]

Hipster Harry Potter

First, there were Hipster Disney Princesses and Hipster Ipsum Lorem… now, thanks to deviantART’s Rotae, there’s Hipster Harry Potter. Rotae says, “A friend suggested I draw hipster!Luna next… isn’t hipster!Luna also canon!Luna though?” I’d like to see Hipster Voldemort, myself. Hit the link to see Hipster versions of Ron, Hermione, Malfoy and Hagrid. Link via [...]

The Late Movies: Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps on The Electric Company

Lin-Manuel Miranda came to my attention when he rapped about Alexander Hamilton. Miranda is the Tony award-winning star, writer, and composer of In the Heights — and he has what we call in the business “mad skills.” For tonight’s nerdy kid-friendly goodness, here’s Miranda dropping educational pronunciation-related rhymes on PBS’s The Electric Company. If you [...]

Being in Space No Excuse for Astronauts Not to File Taxes

Did you file your taxes yet? No? Got a good excuse – like being in space? Not good enough for the IRS: astronauts orbiting Earth in the International Space Station have to file taxes just like everybody else! As it turns out, being 220 miles (354 kilometers) above the planet is no excuse to file late. [...]

The Almost Famous Relatives of Famous People

If you are famous, people are always trying to get something out of you. From Frank Stallone to Jim Belushi, we’ve seen how even your own family will try to ride your coattails. Here are some of the infamous and almost famous that are following in their relatives more famous footsteps. Tom Hanks Son is a [...]

Harry Potter Pillows

Montreal artist Kim Gadbois created three minimalist but adorable pillows depicting characters from the Harry Potter series. This one, of course, is Harry. See the pillows depicting Ron and Hermione at Pantoufle de Verre, and buy them at Etsy. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy