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Axe Cop Is Here To Save Halloween

(YouTube Link) To say that Axe Cop is one of the best comics ever is an understatement, because Axe Cop is THE BEST EVER!!  Now we’ve got a cartoon featuring Axe Cop to watch, and as a teaser Fox has given us a sample of the madness that awaits us when this axe wielding cop dresses up [...]

Halloween Costumes Kids Are Too Young To Understand- 2012 Edition

Our friends at Flavorwire shared their updated 2012 edition of costumes kids are too young to understand with us, and they’ve stepped up their game so much that we just had to share. From a dapper young Don Draper, glass of scotch in hand, to a tiny version of Sweet Dee from the epic rock opera [...]

The Comedic Guide to Surviving the Mayan Apocalypse

It seems that people can’t get enough of “The End is Near!” panic. The latest apocalypse to threaten us (but not really) is due later this year thanks to the Mayan calendar running out or restarting or falling off the wall or something like that – it really depends who is telling you about it. Thankfully, [...]

The Best Ron Swanson Quotes About Food

Ron Swanson delivers his lines with deadpan, moustachioed machismo, which only adds to the hilarious nature of what he’s saying, whether he’s discussing food, relationships or politics. This series of Ron Swanson quotes about food is sure to whet the appetite of every carnivore, and turn most vegans’ stomachs. Parks and Recreation fans know Ron Swanson [...]

Ron Swanson and Ernest Hemingway: Separated at Birth?

How does your favorite TV character stack up against their literary counterpart? Flavorwire did 10 fantasy pairings of such characters, and came up with some insights into their "wildly similar" personalities. Take, for instance, Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation and [...]

Wacky New Boy Scout Ads

The Boy Scouts Of America are looking to recruit the future Ron Swanson’s of the world, but you don’t need a beard to join, you just need the desire to “be one with the wild” (their campaign slogan). Only time will tell whether their ads, featuring kids with epic beards, will increase their numbers or [...]

30 Hilarious Ron Swanson Portraits

While not everyone likes Parks & Recreation, practically all of those who do love the character of Ron Swanson.That’s why there’s so many awesome artworks based on him you can find 29 more of them over at BuzzFeed. Link

Make Your Own Ron Swanson Paper Doll

If you love Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation, then rejoice, you can finally have your own version at home thanks to these delightful paper dolls. He even comes with his own Mulligan’s restaurant bib. Link Via BuzzFeed