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Hanksy’s Young Puns 2: Now With More Pun

Hanksy is a rising street artist that is very popular with us here at Neatorama. I think it has to do with his very splendid visual puns. Well guess what? Hanksy is going to be in a street art event and has a new gallery show! Both are in NYC. In an email from Krause Gallery, [...]

Hello Kitty Hello Art!

by Shepard Fairey: Untitled Nothing tastes more like iconography than Hello Kitty. The character has been printed and copied over generations through culture, pop art, graphic design, toys and pretty much any other way imaginable. Conceived by the Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974 and made its American debut in 1976. Together with [...]

Brandalism Campaign Hits Billboards Across The UK

Brandalism was the name given to a street art campaign that covertly replaced billboards across the UK with works by artists such as Ron English, Leo Murray and Eyesaw. The replacement pieces scathingly satirize the ideas and propaganda behind billboard ads, ranging from poignant and political to downright comical messages, like the Ron English ad for [...]

The Art Of Ron English And….Chris Brown?

In what must be the most unlikely pairing ever, artiste extraordinaire Ron English and pop star/face puncher Chris Brown participated in a joint art show together entitled Dumb English and, to my surprise, Chris Brown’s paintings aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen scrawled on canvas. Sure, his style is a bit contrived, and each piece looks [...]

Shopdropped Cereal Boxes

Something’s just a bit different about these cereal boxes created by Ron English, but I can’t put my finger on it. But seriously, last week I discovered that Lucky Charms are totally awesome for supper. Think outside the box, you know. Link -via Super Punch Previously by Ron English: Dissected Captain America Illegal McDonald’s Billboard

“Cloud” Cloud Writing

Artist Ron English took skywriting to a whole new level when he wrote the word “cloud” five times over Manhattan and let the words slowly become clouds. Lest you think Mr. English is one of those “artists” who thinks doing something a little strange makes you an artist, I suggest you view the gallery on [...]