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What happened to the Roman Ninth Legion ?

Mystery surrounds the unexplained disappearance of 5000 Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. The tale of the Ninth Legion has now become the subject of a bi…

Roman soldiers killed by chemical weapons

The remains of 20 men who died almost 2,000 years ago may have fallen foul to an early chemical weapon. The 19 Roman soldiers were defending the Syria…

Roman child’s footprints found

Archaeologists have unearthed two-thousand year old footprints made by a Roman child. The footprints were found during an excavation of a Roman settle…

Matchstick Furniture

Some people make furnitures out of scraps of wood, but Roman Yerokhin’s family made theirs from really tiny scraps of wood, namely matchsticks: … since matchsticks were one of the few abundant resources in the USSR, Roman Yerokhin’s family chose it as a medium to give their home a unique makeover. While other people threw away [...]

Tomb of Caligula discovered

The lost tomb of the Roman emperor Caligula has been found at Lake Nemi, south of Rome. Italian police reported finding the site after catching someon…

Roman Multitool

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK, holds a Roman multitool that dates back to the 3rd Century C.E. When unfolded, it has a fork, spatula, pick, spike, and knife blade. Link | Photo: Fitzwilliam Museum

Rare Roman suit of armour found

A rare suit of Roman armour has been unearthed at a dig site at the fortress of Caerleon in South Wales. Only a small number of such suits have ever b…

Ancient East Asian Man Found in Roman Empire

I remember reading in Roman History class back in college that during the reign of Emperor Trajan (r. 98-117 AD), the Roman Empire sent an emissary to China. This information was found not in Roman records, but Chinese. Now there’s some archaeological evidence to support the historical claim of direct Roman-Chinese contact. The remains of [...]

Secret source of ancient aquaduct found

The secret source of an extensive ancient Roman aquaduct has been discovered after three years of excavations. The stone tunnels discovered in the bow…

$47K Food Bill, $7K Tip: Just a Friday Night Out for Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich

Recession? What recession? Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich dropped $47,000 on food last Friday at Nello’s in New York City. Note that a lucky waiter/waitress got a $7000 tip: Link