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Ancient Roman Socks

These magnificently preserved socks date back to Roman Egypt, c. 250-420 A.D. Are they designed for two-toed people? Not quite: The big toe divided from the others suggest that the socks were probably meant to be worn with sandals. It is unclear whether the socks formed offerings to the dead or were used as foot coverings. [...]

Ancient Roman shipwreck discovered

A Roman trading ship from the 1st century BC has been found laden with cargo off the coast of Italy. The wreck is in such a good condition that it is …

Roman MMA Champ Recruited Soldiers

Using celebrities to sign people up for stuff is an age old technique that even the Roman Empire was familiar with. A newly translated inscription dating about 1,800 years revealed that the Roman army [...]

Mysterious ‘winged’ structure discovered

A new structure has been discovered in England that has no typical Roman era building characteristics. Archaeologists have discovered a Roman era stru…

Amazingly Detailed Doodles

These drawings of Roman sculptures are comprised of thousands of tiny doodles that make up all the details. Be sure to click on the link to check out the details that make up these great artworks. Link Via BuzzFeed

Old Shoes Found

Construction workers digging a foundation for a supermarket in Camelon, Scotland, ran into what is now an archaeological site. Around 60 pairs of discarded footwear that once belonged to Roman soldiers was found. The 2,000-year-old leather footwear was discovered along with Roman jewelry, coins, pottery, and animal bones at the site, which is located at the [...]

Archaeologists Discovered Gladiator School Underneath Vienna

Archaeologists in Austria have discovered the remains of an unusual school under the grounds of Vienna: a school for Roman gladiators, where slaves and prisoners were taught to fight to the death. One of the [...]

Roman Battle Tactics (Jack’s Social Studies Project)

A friend came across this claymation video created by 11-year-old Jack, explaining Roman infantry tactics for his sixth grade Social Studies class. The video itself is fun (mainly when claymation non-Roman soldiers are killed); educational (he does explain infantry tactics used by Roman soldiers); and it’s neat to see what you can do with some [...]

How to Cater a Roman Orgy

The house in which the alleged orgy ostensibly occurred. Drawing by Nan Swift, Improbable Research staff. By Corky White Professor of Anthropology Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA As a very young caterer in the late 1970s, I learned lessons the hard way every day. I catered for people who knew their food, and so I tried to make things [...]

Satanism surge adds to demand for exorcists

The Roman Catholic Church has warned that a rise in Satanism has produced a rise in demand for exorcists. Blaming the trend on easy access to informat…