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Animated Ride Through The Evil Dead Movies

(YouTube Link) This devilishly good cartoon version of the Evil Dead saga is brought to you by Daniel Kanemoto, whose videos play out like a digitally animated tour of the movies, as if you’re watching from the seat of some nightmarish roller coaster. So strap in and enjoy the ride, but when Ash starts waving his boom [...]

Roller Coaster Walkway

Photo: Eichental/Flickr Look closely. See something odd about the photo above? That’s right, folks – that’s the Crouching Tiger and Turtle, a roller coaster walkway in Duisberg, Germany. Kuriositas has the story: It stands about eleven meters in height and is part of the [...]

Euthanasia Coaster: The Suicide Roller Coaster

The Euthanasia Coaster, designed by London’s Royal College of Art’s student Julijonas Urbonas, lets you ride the last ride of your life. Literally. The three-minute ride involves a long, slow, climb — nearly a third of a mile long — [...]

World’s steepest roller-coaster opens

Japan’s vomit-inducing Takabisha roller-coaster features a 141ft drop at an angle of 121 degrees. Due to go live on July 16th Takabisha is the steepes…

A Basketball Court Inside a Mountain

Disneyland’s Matterhorn is best known for its bobsled-like roller coaster that twists down the giant peak. But you might not know that deep inside the 147-ft. mountain lurks a basketball court. How did Disneyland become a place where your hoop dreams could come true? After construction of the Matterhorn was completed in 1959, the roller coaster [...]

Coney Island Papercraft by Yumiko Matsui

Yumiko Matsui, the papercraft artist extraordinaire who created the Neatobot papercraft, has new series of artwork inspired by New York City. My favorite is the Coney Island papercraft, which involves a fantastically intricate roller coaster: Link – Thanks Inco! (photo: Jeff Goldberg/Esto Photographics)

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Formula Rossa, the new roller coaster in Abu Dhabi travels 1.2 miles in only a minute and a half, reaching speeds of up to 150mph! But what else would you expect for a theme park called Ferrari World? Harnessing the same technology that powers fighter planes off aircraft carriers, the rollercoaster’s carriage travels the ride’s 2.07 [...]

The 19 Most Complicated and Dangerous Roads in the World

Waze has a list of the most dangerous or complex roads in the world, including the above Lysebotn Road in Norway: This is probably the most fun road you can travel on four wheels, and then maybe on your two legs checking out the various hiking trails leading from the area. In fact, this might be [...]