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Ira Glass on How to Make Balloon Animals…and Relationships

So This American Life host Ira Glass made an eighteen-minute video about how to make balloon animals, contributing to Rookie Magazine. While making the balloon animals, Glass offers advice for teen girls on topics as diverse as short haircuts, crushes, and, um…intimate subjects. Rookie Magazine writes (emphasis added): Ira Glass is the creator of the [...]

The Surreal Sculptures Of Roger Reutimann

Roger Reutimann is a man who has worn many hats as an artist-painter, classical pianist, craftsman and, more recently, as a sculptor. In some ways Roger’s works embody a classical style, like the use of naturalistic human forms and themes of mortality, while qualities like choice of finish and the use of surreal elements imbue his [...]

From King’s Quest to Leisure Suit Larry: A Brief History of Sierra On-Line

If you had a home computer in the 1980s, you probably played at least one adventure game from Sierra On-Line. Here’s a brief history of the company – and the games – that helped define a generation of computer geeks. Hi-Res Adventures In 1979, Roberta Williams’ husband, Ken, a programmer, bought an Apple II. When [...]

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Was 20 Years Ago Today

On April 20, 1992, a veritable “Who’s Who” (and, in a few cases, “Who’s That?”) played before 72,000 fans at London’s Wembley Stadium to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury and to raise funds for The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity organization that is still active today. Tickets sold out three hours after they [...]

The Stories Behind 11 Classic Album Covers

1. The Velvet Underground & Nico, aka “The Banana Album” (1967) The Velvet Underground & Nico Design by Andy Warhol With apologies to Carmen Miranda and Chiquita, the world’s most famous banana is the ripe, peelable print on the cover of the Velvets’ debut. Designed by pop artist Andy Warhol, the image was a silkscreen made from simple black-and-white [...]

The Late Movies: A Different POV

Electronic miniaturization means we have really small digital video cameras now, and people attach them to all kinds of things to get a POV (point of view) sequence. Here are some memorable places cameras have recorded from. Stolen by a Seagull An awesome video, but not quite accidental. The consensus is that the camera owner was trying [...]

In Sweden, an Appreciation for Heavy Metal Music Is Considered a Disability

Roger Tullgren of Hässleholm, Sweden needs to listen to heavy metal music while he works. Mind you, that’s not wants to, but needs to. It’s such an essential part of his life that it’s been classified as a disability, entitling him to special dispensation by employers: The ageing rocker claims to have attended almost three hundred [...]

50 UV Filters Mounted on a Camera

Kenny at was cleaning a bunch of UV filters and, for idle amusement, decided to mount them on a camera. Pictured above is a stack of 50. Then he and his co-worker Roger went out and took pictures. Below is one of them, paired with a shot without any filters. Link -via Technabob

Curious Cat

(YouTube link) If you leave a camera sitting in the open and drive off, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone makes off with it. Photographer Roger de la Harpe laid a running camera down when he retreated from a pride of lionesses in Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa. There was a happy ending for [...]

Electric Lips

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Electric Lips The Flame Scallop, Ctenoides ales, sports some “electricity” in its bioluminescent mantle. Interestingly, it’s not a scallop, but a marine bivalve mollusc with red and white tentacles. It also has something like a thick long tongue, which helps it to climb rocks – more info. Link Today’s pictures & links: Afghan [...]