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Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, and Other Movies That Should Me Made

Image via American Film Market Dear Hollywood, stop making nitwitted remakes and hop on this obvious winner. When are you starting production? Tomorrow? Good. Well, if only making movies is that easy (on the other hand, any process [...]

Attack of the Killer B-Movies!

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, big-budget movies were classy affairs, full of artful scripts and classically trained actors. And boy, were they dull. Then came Roger Corman, the King of the B-Movies. With Corman behind the camera, motorcycle gangs and mutant sea creatures filled the silver screen. And just like that, movies became a [...]

Retro Future: To The Stars! – Part 3

“QUANTUM SHOT” #612Link – by Avi Abrams We can not get enough of that stuff. The Future that never happened. The Past that kept dreaming and never woke up. Also read Part 2 and Part 1 We continue to update our extensive collection of the most inspiring and hard-to-find retro-futuristic images. As usual, we try to stay away [...]

The Late Movies: B-Movie Monsters

I love a good b-movie monster — the cheesier the better — and thought I’d share some trailers for my favorites. First, though, in an act of shameless self-promotion, I figured I’d post the b-movie I made for Mental Floss awhile back. Attack of the Killer Parasites (2008) Cut together with footage from a hundred different b-movies [...]