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The Late Movies: 1973

In September of 1973 I turned 15 years old. Now I have a daughter who is 15 and she watched the Video Music Awards with the excitement I might have had over a stadium concert back in the day. Here are some of my favorite songs from 1973 on the late movies. I spent a [...]

Woody’s Winners, NFL Week 2

NFL WEEK TWO: For those who missed last week’s column, Woody’s Winners is written with highest respect in the style of the most entertaining football prognosticator of my youth, Leonard Postero, host of Leonard’s Losers. I went a respectable 8-5 through last Sunday afternoon’s games, but then fell apart to lose all three night games on [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 100 Songs of the 70s

SuperSeventies has a nice index of the top ten songs of each year in the decade I discovered music. That was mostly via radio, and that decade saw quite a shift in popular styles, as you can see at the link. Each song is linked to an informative bio, with links to other information. I was [...]

The Strange, Hidden World of Feral Cats

Denver, Colorado is home to tens of thousands of stray cats. They form colonies and breed uncontrollably. Destroying or relocating the cats only opens up space for more cats to move in. Local animal welfare groups are trying a different approach, but the job is overwhelming. Kristin Des Marais and Amy Angelilli of the Rocky [...]

Because I Can’t Stop Writing About Birds: The Pigeon Express

While I’d long assumed that carrier pigeons had been shelved with other antiquated mail systems (like the pony express and the pneumatic tube), I was stunned to learn that the birds are still being used today! Of course, the process has gotten an upgrade. Instead of sending letters and wartime messages, the birds are being [...]