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Mr. T as the Meta-rebel

The folks over at at Overthinking It came up with an idea for a new political party: The Mr. T Party. But, as with all parties, there is some disagreement about the nature of the party itself, its intentions, and even its ideals — although there is the central rallying figure of Mr. T (who [...]

Statues from Movies and TV

Detroit mayor Dave Bing reached out to citizens of the internet for suggestions for how to invigorate his city. One of the suggestions that came in yesterday was that Detroit should erect a statue of Robocop, from the 1987 film Robocop, which was set in Detroit. The mayor seemed to dismiss the idea out of [...]

Celebrity Teachers on

Ethan’s piece on famous people who used to teach—including the stars of Rocky III—is currently climbing the charts. If you haven’t read it, head on over and take a look.

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach

Students, we know you may not be all that ecstatic about seeing your teachers – and the homework they assign – as the school year starts up. Pay attention in class, though; you never know what hidden talents your teachers might have. Just look at all of these famous former teachers: 1. Gene Simmons The tongue-flicking [...]