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10 Weird and Cool Bats

While a lot of people think all bats are creepy, I personally find them cute overall. That being said, these 10 bats still rank pretty low on the cute scale. Take, for example, the hammer-headed bat above: Maybe “Moose-headed Bat” would be a better name but we’ve been warned never to insult moose… mooses… meece, whatever. [...]

Facts of Interest! Things You Didn’t Know About Futurama Characters

The people who occupy the strange world of Matt Groening’s Futurama seem like something that could only be created by a twisted merge between the worlds of “Metropolis,” “Eraserhead” and the upper west side of Manhattan. And despite their two-dimensional existence, they actually have very deep personalities, histories and roots that can rival other sitcom [...]

The Late Movies: Rocky and Bullwinkle

I’m not the kind of person who typically cares about crappy movie remakes of formerly popular TV shows. But the 2000 release of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle irked me. Here, enjoy a full episode. (Sneak peek: Moon moose!) Minisode One Minisode Two Minisode Three Minisode Four Minisode Five Minisode Six Minisode Seven Minisode Eight Minisode Nine Minisode Ten See Also: 11 Things You Should [...]