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Dinosaurs On The Wedding Cake!

Maybe the cake is actually a space ship! I am impressed that they made this so soon after the episode came out, but I can’t help but wonder if the sand and rocks are some kind of candy. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Hanging Rocks Art Installation by Jaehyo Lee

Korean artist Jaehyo Lee spent over two decades meticulously hanging rocks by threads into an astonishing piece of art. Check out his gallery here: Link – via My Modern Met

Stonehenge rock source discovered

Scientists believe they’ve found the precise source of the rocks used in Stonehenge’s first circle. The rocks are believed to have come from an outcro…

25 Absolutely Amazing Rock Formations

Wind, rain and waves can do some amazing things to rocks, which is precisely what made these amazing rock formations seen over at BuzzFeed. Be sure to click on the link, the formations are certainly all worth a view. Link

BBQ Rockin’ Fork

BBQ Rockin’ Fork – $19.95 Do you know someone who makes some rockin’ food on the grill? Get them the BBQ Rockin’ Fork from the NeatoShop and let them know their foods rocks! This fantastic stainless steel grilling fork pairs great with the BBQ Guitar Spatula. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more cool Cooking [...]

Opportunity reaches Endeavour crater

The Mars rover Opportunity has arrived at a large crater containing rocks that haven’t been seen before. “Opportunity’s findings and data from the upc…

Rocks from moon and Everest to fly to ISS

Rocks collected from the top of Mount Everest and the moon are to be flown in to space as a symbol of NASA’s future explorations. Scott Parazynski, th…