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Russia designs new spaceship

Russian rocket corporation Energia has completed the designs of a brand new manned spacecraft. Hot on the heels of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, Russia…

If The Doctors Were Time Ladies

Gladys of Rocket Surgery was inspired by all the talk of whether or not the next doctor should be female, so she imagined what all of the past Doctors would look like if they were female. The other six can be found at the link. Personally, I think Matt Smith looks just fine as a [...]

How to Make a Rocket

(vimeo link) You can see the rocket’s red glare even if you forgot to buy fireworks. Just make a miniature rocket from a book of matches! -via The Daily What

Soyuz rocket launch fails yet again

Russia’s space endeavours haven’t gone to plan lately as another Soyuz rocket fails after lift-off. The Soyuz-2 launched without any problems but deve…

The Secret Race to the Moon

The following is reprinted from the book Uncle John’s Unsinkable Bathroom Reader. For nearly twenty years after Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon in July 1969, the Soviet Union categorically denied having a manned lunar program of its own. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that we began to learn just how close they came to [...]

Land Speed Record Bid Could Make Space Flight Safer

By developing new rocket technology on the land scientists hope to help aid in safer space travel. It sounds counter intuitive, however the group making the bid for the land speed record thinks it could lead to a breakthrough in safer space travel. So says Daniel Jubb, who is the founder of military rocket motor [...]

Apollo 11 Launch at 500 Frames Per Second

This film of the Apollo 11 rocket launch that put a man on the moon, was recorded at 500 frames per second. This slowed down video shows the first 30 seconds of the lift off where we get to see in great detail the fire power of these rockets. The narration provides some interesting additional [...]

Rocket Pen Titan

Rocket Pen Titan – $8.95 It’s a rocket! It’s a pen! No it’s Rocket Pen Titan from the NeatoShop! Rocket Pen Titan is there for you when you need a break from overwhelming paperwork. Bad work day be gone! It is time to count down and blast off to your fun zone. Be sure you check out the [...]

$5 Heli-Rocket

(Video Link) While spending only $5 for the necessary modifications, Douglas Desrochers gave a rocket helicopter blades which it could use to make a smooth descent: The HeliRocket is propelled by a standard model-rocket engine, but instead of the engine’s ejection charge deploying a parachute, it releases the rocket’s 3 tail fins. The fins then swing up [...]

Santa’s Rocket Ship

Santa’s Rocket Ship was one of five custom buses made with a Christmas theme. They were built by Lloyd Laster of Tyler, TX, who used them as advertising venues: The vehicles traveled all over the southern and southwest parts of the country taking Holiday Shoppers on joy rides while making appearances at shopping centers and malls. [...]