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The Invader

Ehud Lavski illustrated the life of a Space Invader. Only the first two panels are shown here. Warning: may induce tears. Link  -via Not Exactly Rocket Science

Odd Jobs: Deer Urine Farmer

Hunters often use deer urine to attract their prey. Specifically, they use the come-hither-smelling urine of does in heat. And where do hunters get this urine? From professional urine farmers like Judi Collora: The key to success as a urine farmer, she says, is understanding that different seasons bring a fluctuating urine supply. “It all depends on [...]

Spider Named for Sir David Attenborough

A newly-discovered species of goblin spider has been named in honor of British TV naturalist David Attenborough, and is now classified as Prethopalpus attenboroughi. The informal name will be Attenborough’s goblin spider. In an acceptance speech in Perth, Western Australia, Sir David said about his new namesake: “I take it that it is careful in its [...]


The octopus with its soft and flexible tentacles is a marvel of locomotion and  manipulation. The Octopus Project hopes to mimic those qualities in a machine. They’ve not quite made a completely soft robot octopus yet, but they’ve got the tentacles figured out. First, those big tentacles at the front are labeled as “SMA Arms,” which [...]

An App for Good Intentions

Dan W, a software developer, used a bookmarklet at Instapaper to save long articles for later reading. Then he came up with a better idea. He made his own bookmarklet to save articles for later reading. There’s one difference. Mine doesn’t save the page, it just pretends to. And that’s good enough. I use instapaper a lot. [...]