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The mental_floss Guide to the NCAA Tournament: The West

We may not be much help in filling out your bracket, but we can promise one interesting fact about each of the 68 teams in the tournament. Let’s tip things off with the West Region. © Chris Bergin/Icon SMI/Corbis (1) Michigan State In May, a Michigan State professor from the School of Social Work will begin teaching an [...]

Man Reprimanded By City Officals For Cleaning Up Trash

Hydn Rousseau was so tired of all the trash and crime in his Florida neighborhood that he finally took matters into his own hands. He organized a cleanup effort. “I saw debris and trash everywhere and I said I have to come back home and make a difference in my community,” stated Rousseau. Last Saturday, he organized [...]

RIP Naked Mole Rat Old Man

A naked mole rat named Old Man was found dead last Thursday at his home at the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies in San Antonio, Texas. He was believed to be 32 years old. Old Man spent three decades assisting researchers in studying the process of aging. University of Texas at San Antonio [...]

Red River phenomenon in the Rockies

A lucky photographer captured the image of a lifetime – shooting the incredibly rare moment a waterfall turned tomato soup red.Rochelle Coffey was stunned when she saw the normally crystal-clear water turn deep red over the course of two hours.The mother-of-two had been visiting the impressive Cameron Falls, in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and [...]