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Are robots becoming more like us ?

How long will it be before robots and computers become capable of thinking like a human being ? On June 23rd a computer came very close to passing the…

Robotics Pavilion at Expo 2012

Robots are set to take over at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea! The theme for the Expo is “The Living Ocean and Coast,” but technology will be on display everywhere at the Expo beginning May 12. After all, robots work in the ocean, too! Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory will be well represented, [...]

Thanks a Lot, Robot Friend

(Flickr video link) Aren’t robots supposed to help us? This Japanese beer-pouring robot seems to have had a few too many himself. And just keeps talking. -via Boing Boing

Cover Version Of Daft Punk’s Derezzed Performed On Floppy Drives

(YouTube Link) Never has an instrument used to play a cover song been more appropriate than this-using five floppy drives, and a bit of software, to cover the Daft Punk hit Derezzed. It’s a crunchy, minimalist sound that’s sure to make robots of all types bob their heads to the beat, which will probably put most humans [...]

Flying Robot Construction

(YouTube Link) Just a concept now (although one that can be demonstrated), buildings of the future might be put together by flying robots. Which sounds like a great idea, but I’d still want a real human building inspector! -via Geeks Are Sexy

Robot dog prepares for combat

Boston Dynamics has developed one of the most sophisticated quadrupedal robots ever built. Intended for military purposes, AlphaDog can walk so well t…

Robotic Labor Statistics

By 2012, the number of robots worldwide could equal the number of people in the state of Illinois. The linked infograph has a list of statistics on how robots are taking over the workforce (on their way to taking over the world.) Link -via Holy Kaw

Kraftwerk-inspired LED Tie

Look at this tie -isn’t it awesome? It’s like the ties worn in the Kraftwerk video for the song “The Robots.” Nine LEDs flash in descending order, guaranteeing you’ll be noticed. You can make your own, too, and be the robot of the party, with instructions from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Link

Where’s Wall-E?

Where’s Wall-E? is a step beyond Where’s Waldo?! This poster, created by Richard Sargent, features a crowd of robots that should be familiar to you from movies and TV. Can you find Wall-E among the many? Hopewell Studios is giving away a print to the person who can name the most of the robots. You [...]

Industrial Robots Have Lightsaber Battle

Robots and lightsabers are cool when apart but combine them, and you have something that is too much for most geeks to pass up. These Yaskawa Motoman robots are generally found on assembly lines, not dueling it out Jedi versus Sith style. link