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Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion That Actually Transforms

The days of making simple papercraft figures are over, thanks to this Neon Genesis Evangelion themed cardboard figure that actually transforms. It looks a bit rough around the edges, but once you see it transform from robot to vehicle and back again you’ll never think of papercraft the same way again! Link  –via Obvious Wnner

DARPA’s Obedient Robot

(YouTube link) Boston Dynamics and DARPA introduced the quadruped robot known as BigDog a few years ago, and have worked to improve it ever since. The latest incarnation of the robotic pack mule is the LS3, which obeys spoken commands! The LS3 is also known as AlphaDog. The purpose of the robot is to relieve troops [...]

LEGO Big MaK Mech

LEGO enthusiasts Sean and Steph Mayo created this Big MaK mech, complete with anti-air fry missiles, heavy Big Mac armor, sniper-fry cannon and vanilla frostie … with sprinkles! It’s for BrickLink’s Creations [...]

11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes

One of my favorite episodes of Futurama includes Lela trying to destroy the evil Robot Santa Claus by feeding him a logical paradox. While Robot Santa survives thanks to his “paradox-absorbing crumple zones” I still enjoyed the paradox. If you enjoy paradoxes as well, check out this super fascinating list of 11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes.  Some of the [...]

US Navy develops C-3PO style robot

The Star Wars inspired robot has been designed to assist in fighting fires and to throw grenades. Known as ASH ( Autonomous Shipboard Humanoid ), the …

MacGyver Robot

Humans do it, chimps do it, elephants do it, heck even crows do it. Use tools, I mean. And now, thanks to Mike Stilman at the Georgia Institute of Technology, robots may soon use tools as well: “Our goal is to develop [...]

Power Rangers + Dubstep = What Did I Just Watch

I remember a time when Power Rangers weren’t even able to morph without being suddenly transported to an undisclosed location and replaced with a crew of body doubles. Now they can do the Robot — in sync. Maybe I’m old. But maybe the Power Rangers shouldn’t be doing the Robot. Or any of the rest [...]

The Jetsons Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

Getty Images If you’re wondering when we’ll be getting flying cars and robot maids, the show was set in 2062. Today’s question: If you could have one innovation featured on The Jetsons right now, what would you choose?

Weak and Feeble Robots Make The Best Teachers

The secret to learning from a robot, as discovered by two Japanese researchers, is to have it appear weak and feeble: Shizuko Matsuzoe and Fumihide Tanaka at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, set [...]

Robot Heads Made From Salvaged Junk

Artist and robot lover Tal Avitzur doesn’t believe in throwing away leftover metal junk- because he’d rather make cool robot heads out of it all! He calls these wall mounted robot heads Talbotics, and they would look really cool adorning the wall of a scifi themed trophy room. Link  –via JazJaz