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Handroid – The Lightweight Robotic Limb You Can Remotely Control

Handroid is a new robotic hand that has many potential applications including handling dangerous materials and prosthetic limbs. Is it me or is this arm going to come back attached to an Austrian accented robot looking for John Connor? If you’ve never thought about describing a robotic limb as sleek and sexy then you’ve never [...]

High Speed Robot Hand

Robots are getting closer and closer to the day they can beat us at a thumb war. The folks at Ishikawa Oku laboratory in Japan have developed a high speed robot hand that has more dexterity then the average human. Some day someone is going to be all of these advances in robotics together and [...]

Robot Hand is a Balloon Filled with Coffee

Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the iRobot Corporation have been trying to find a way for a robot hand can grip a variety of objects. The end result of their efforts is a party balloon filled with coffee grounds: They call it a universal gripper, as it conforms to the object it’s [...]

Documentaries I Like: Strange Parallel (Elliott Smith)

I’m a little shocked that I’ve gone so many years being an Elliott Smith fan, and living in Portland (where it is contractually obligated that you be an Elliott Smith fan), but had never heard of Strange Parallel, a 1998 30-minute documentary on Smith. Directed by Steve Hanft as a promotional film (never released commercially), [...]