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Archive: October 2010

Siberian “Ghost” Cities Scare Near-abandoned and frightening towns in Siberia The Ultimate Moving: Troll-A Gas Platform Immense Troll Tower to Move & Conquer! Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids! The pictures are hilarious, but the parents are nuts Hansen’s Writing Ball & Other Unusual Typewriters Linear, Ball & Other Gorgeous Writing Machines The Rubik’s Fix! Rubik Cubes, Spheres, Warps… Most Sensuous Car Shapes Ever Designed [...]

Our Little Robot Buddies

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Our Little Robot Buddies Say Hello To Our Little Friends!.. From the fantastic 1stAveMachine (who also did “Plants With Eyes”) comes this clever and amusing look at what our cute little robot buddies might look like in the near future: Link Today’s pictures and links: [...]