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The Missing Links: A Mobster With a Soft Side

Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned: Pretty Boy Floyd Had An Altruistic Side He was like a twentieth century Robin Hood. He really cared about the common man. I mean, not the ones at whom he aimed guns during robberies. But some of them. * Green Garbage Bin Gardens Awesome or eyesore? * How Do [...]

Agouti: The Robin Hood of Rodents

Photo: Christian Ziegler The cute cat-sized agouti above is much more than a lowly jungle creature. In fact, it is very much the Robin Hood of rodents. The furry bandit hides and buries black palm seeds, which it finds delicious. [...]

9 Baffling Movie Merchandise Tie-Ins

Every summer, movie season collides with merchandising mania to create a perfect storm of licensed nonsense. We, the human race, have proven to Hollywood time and time again that we will empty our pockets for anything with our favorite movie logo hastily slapped on it. But at least most of that junk allows us to [...]

Asian Robin Hood

[YouTube Clip] Robin Hood is alive and well. Okay, so he got a little pudgy, and looks very Asian, but his archery skill is completely intact. (I think he just busted the Mythbusters!)

British Pubs: Signs of the Times, Part Two

“QUANTUM SHOT” #593Link – article by Simon Rose Pub signs are almost like time machines… Some locals may even intentionally design ugly signs in order to keep their beloved pubs to themselves. Sometimes this strategy works, sometimes it leads to…. a DRB article. First, for a little vintage beer-related eye-candy, check out these Labatt’s Canadian trucks from [...]