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Ig® Nobel Limericks: World’s End, Sheep-Dragging, Robber Trap

Ig Nobel Achievements distilled into limerick formby Martin Eiger, Improbable Research Limerick Laureate The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that first make people laugh, then make them think. For details of all the Ig Nobel Prize–winning achievements, see each year’s special Ig Nobel issue of the magazine, and also see the website. 2011 Ig Nobel Mathematics Prize The [...]

6 TV Networks That Aren’t What They Started Out to Be

Back in the ’80s, we used to watch surgical procedures up close on the Lifetime cable channel. That’s what they showed for hours on end, until someone got the idea that women’s programming was a better idea. The “M” in MTV once stood for “music.” HLN was once Headline News. In the future, new networks [...]

Superman, Captain America and Nick Fury Take on a Regiment of Stormtroopers

No, it’s not colored in. But that’s a good thing, or else the awesomeness would be too much to mentally process. Comic book artist Darick Robertson gave this image to writer Larry Young. He passed it on to his son in a sweet and touching conversation, which you can read at the link. Now in all [...]

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death

(YouTube link) Entrepreneur Colin Robertson is at TED 2012 trying to give a talk about crowd sourcing solar energy, when he is interrupted by loading error messages that turn out to be from the group Improv Everywhere. Waiting for something to load should always be this fun! Oh yes, Robertson is also an IE agent. Link [...]

Jim Henson’s The Lord of the Rings

To think that if only Henson had not died in 1990, this movie might exist. Draw R2D2, a site that invites artists to mash up two pop culture themes for a fortnight, selected the Muppets and The Lord of the Rings as source material. There’s one particularly striking one at the link by Will Robertson [...]

10 Works of Literature That Were Really Hard to Write

by Mark Juddery Instead of judging works of literature based on their artistic merit, we’ve decided to rank them by degree of difficulty. These 10 authors may not be Shakespeare, but they sure had vaulting ambitions. 1. The Story That Will Never Be an e-Book Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright Some might call Gadsby a “love” story. But [...]

One Sweet Severance Package & Other Tales of the ABA

“The NBA was a symphony, it was scripted; the ABA was jazz.” —Ron Grinker Rival leagues were all the rage in North American sports in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but none has had as lasting an impact as the American Basketball Association. The ABA’s six-year war with the NBA resulted in a merger that [...]

Eye Worm Loa loa filariasis

Stop right there. Don’t go any further. Some things can’t be unseen. You’re brain isn’t a hard drive from which you can permanently erase images. These images will sear into your neocortex, much to your eyeballs’ dismay. Scroll down to find out why. But if you don’t want to know why and you want to [...]