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The Late Movies: 10 Great Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now (on Netflix)

If you haven’t discovered Netflix and its instant streaming feature yet, it’s pretty magical. I watch so many more movies now because of it — and I’m much more quick to turn off the ones I’m not enjoying than I would be if I were renting the movies on physical discs, which means I end [...]

What’s the Streisand Effect?

“The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” – Internet pioneer John Gilmore Back in 2003, aerial photographer Kenneth Adelman photographed hundreds of miles of California coastline as part of a government-sanctioned effort to document coastal erosion. Of the 12,000 photographs he took and posted online, one happened to include an opulent cliffside mansion [...]

World’s Oldest Workers and Occupations

Asylum blog has a pretty nifty post about 10 really old dudes and their jobs. For example: Oldest cop: Manuel Curry, 84Sadly, Sergeant Major Manuel Curry died earlier this summer. But he did so as America’s oldest active duty police officer, having spent 63 years patrolling New Orleans — no picnic. In fact, Curry gained acclaim [...]