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Bandits Attack Village, Villagers Set Bandits on Fire

In 2009, twenty bandits in India experienced a catastrophic victim selection failure when villagers fought back and slaughtered them: About 20 robbers raided a remote village in Jharkhand state late on Wednesday, but they were surrounded by hundreds of villagers, who began chasing them, police said. “Four were beaten to death, while eight took shelter in a [...]

Chihuahua Stops Robbery

(Video Link) I’d like to point out that while it’s obvious these are some seriously wussy robbers, this is also one tough little chihuahua. Via BoingBoing

Dog Takes Bullets to Save Master

Osmar Persisco of Garibaldi, Brazil, took his dog out for exercise in a field and was approached by two robbers who demanded his car keys. When Persisco declined, they shot him, grazing the man’s head. That’s when Max the dog went into action. “He saw the blood and was furious,” Persisco told Brazilian newspaper Globo. “He [...]