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Quiz: The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family

Today is National Stuff That Was Popular When You Were a Kid Day! To celebrate, we’ll be posting quizzes all day about — you guessed it — stuff that was popular when various writers were kids. Keep checking back for more! The Brady family had a cool house (with one bathroom?); the Partridges had the cool [...]

Stand By Me Reunion: Wil Wheaton Looks Back 25 Years Later

I loved Stand By Me – I even did a movie trivia post about it. It’s hard to believe it came out 25 years ago, but since Wil Wheaton (Gordie) just recorded commentary for a special edition Blu-Ray release, I guess it must be true. He met with director Rob Reiner and co-stars Jerry O’Connell [...]

A Short History of Long-Haired Music: Part 1

There’s a wonderful scene in the classic mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, where mockumentarian, Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner), is interviewing Spinal Tap songwriter, Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), seated at a piano. Nigel is explaining his fascination with the key of D-minor as he delicately fingers the keyboard, producing a few bars from a new musical [...]