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Making Dinosaur Sounds for Jurassic Park

How do you make a dinosaur roar, when we have no idea what dinosaurs actually sounded like? The sound designers for Jurassic Park recorded living animals and combined them. In this short video, we learn a little about field recording, sampling, and the art of making an extinct dinosaur roar. Keep an [...]

Experience the Final Shuttle Mission

You can put yourself into the experience of witnessing the final mission of the space shuttle program with the shuttle Atlantis in a multimedia post at the Neatorama Spotlight Blog. Read about what it was like to be there at liftoff. Listen to the roar of the shuttle and the crowd that saw it launch. [...]

What Does Admiral Ackbar Say?

A kitty says meow, a lion says roar and a dog says woof. But what does Admiral Ackbar say? I know that if our daughter could pull this off, my husband would be as delighted as this dad is. Link via [Geeks are Sexy]

Idiot Control Now: MST3K Movie Musical Moments

Best Brains Inc., the eponymous minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, had a fabulous creative team that came up with many hilarious song parodies and musical tributes over the course of the series’ 10 year run. But that’s not our topic today. Instead, we’re going behind the scenes to find out about some fan-favorite musical [...]

Rabbit Feet

Rabbit Feet - $17.95 Are you still looking for the perfect Easter gift for your favorite 18-months to 3-year-old? Well, look no further! You need the adorable Rabbit Feet slippers from the NeatoShop! The Rabbit Feet appear both cute and menacing just like a typical toddler. Roar! Hop! Hop! Roar! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks

Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks – $36.95 Are you always on the look out for unique educational toys for your budding genius? The Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks from the NeatoShop are for you. Not only are these handmade Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks beautiful, they are fun too. What toddler can resist knocking [...]

The War on Suffrage

“Nine little Suffergets, Finding boys to hate, One kisses Willie Jones, And then there are Eight.” Ten Little Suffergets tells the sad tale of ten little girls who lose their pro-suffrage leanings when they spy shiny objects like toys, men, and the Sandman. The 1915 picture book ends with the final baby suffragette cracking her baby doll’s head open. [...]

How To Grrrowl Like Chewbacca

YouTube Link If your Halloween costume is anywhere near as clever as this one, or you’ve finally decided on Chewie as your go-to outfit, be sure to top it off with the authentic roar, as taught here.