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Frogs get married in Indian town

Two frogs have been joined in marriage as part of a special ritual aimed at invoking the rain god. The townspeople flocked to witness the ceremony whi…

Tim Burton’s VINCENT, a Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price

Today in 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was born. As a poet of the macabre, Poe has left a lasting mark on American letters, most famously with The Raven, one poem which most of us know, despite most of us not being huge poetry fans. Today marks a sad end to a mysterious tradition. For 60 years, [...]

6 Strangest Coming of Age Rituals in the World

What did you do when you “became a man”? – No, I don’t mean losing your virginity, though in many cultures, coming of age is intricately linked to sexual maturity. Did you celebrate by buying a Lotto ticket? Drink a yard glass full of beer? Become a Bar Mitsvah? Well, weaklings, be thankful that you [...]