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Space travel can accelerate Alzheimer’s

New research has discovered that long journeys in space can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The study was funded by NASA and aimed to invest…

New project explores risk of robot uprising

Researchers are trying to determine the risk of us being wiped out by our own technological creations. Based at the University of Cambridge, the “Cent…

Woman fails to shut down Hadron Collider

A German court has rejected the case of a woman who claims the atom smasher would destroy the world. The unnamed woman claimed that there was a risk t…

ISS to change orbit to avoid debris

The risk of a space debris impact has prompted Mission Control to propose an orbital change manoeuvre. Currently manned by six astronauts, the Interna…

The Calamity of the Olympics

You may be one of those people who prefer the Winter Games to the Summer Games because the skating, sledding, and skiing all come with a risk of a slip and fall. You may have even avoided all the sunshine and brotherhood of the Olympics television coverage. For you, The Guardian has a gallery of [...]

Elephants under threat as ivory demand soars

Elephant populations in Africa are at risk of extinction due to increased ivory demand in China. Conservationists have warned that a rise in poaching …

Medical implants vulnerable to hackers ?

Experts have warned that people with mechanical implants could be at risk of attack by hackers. Researchers have demonstrated that medical implants su…

Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?

Thinking of eating a burger today? Keep this in mind: according to new research study, eating red meat – any amount and any type – increases your risk of dying early: For instance, adding just [...]

Risk Gets A Metal Gear Solid Makeover

The board game Risk has been around since 1957, so it’s not surprising that it’s had some face lifts over the years to bring in new players and appeal to younger audiences. But are Metal Gear Solid fans going to put down the controller and clear off the dining room table for a good, old-fashioned [...]

How to Avoid Getting Hit by a Train

(Video Link) YouTube user BlackMoonCGI took a huge risk parking over railroad tracks. It’s a good thing that he thought of a solution at the last second! -via Doobybrain