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How To Trick Yourself Into An Australian Accent

Rise Up Lights, Rise Up Lights, Rise up Lights. Oh man, I have always been terrible at fake foreign accents – no longer. People are probably looking at me funny in the office today because I keep walking around saying this and laughing to myself. Oh well, they’ll get it eventually. This has to be [...]

Three Yeti sightings reported in Siberia

Sightings of the elusive hominid are on the rise ahead of next month’s conference and expedition. In one incident government official Sergei Adlyakov …

Satanism surge adds to demand for exorcists

The Roman Catholic Church has warned that a rise in Satanism has produced a rise in demand for exorcists. Blaming the trend on easy access to informat…

Roman rise and fall ‘recorded in trees’

Scientists link changes in our climate with the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. While we seldom think about weather affecting our h…

Can Older Movies Be Made Into 3-D Versions?

With the rise in popularity of a certain movie lately, and its stunning advancements in 3-D technology, the titular question is being asked worldwide. The short answer? Yes, but it won’t look very good. Shucks, there goes my dream of seeing The Empire Strikes Back in glorious 3-D. The Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammys last [...]

Sea level could rise from 0.75m to 1.9m

Concerns over a rise in sea level due to global warming have been prevalent in recent years, a new study has suggested that sea levels could rise …