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Jack The Ripper Lavatory Mist

Jack The Ripper Lavatory Mist – $11.95 Do dangerous smells lurk in your bathroom? Don’t fall victim to malodorous fiends. Kill the stink with the Jack The Ripper Lavatory Mist from the Neatoshop. A few quick sprays and you will be surrounded by the comforting smell of dewy sage and green apple.  Be sure to check out [...]

What Eddie Campbell’s Daughter Drew While He Worked On From Hell

The seminal graphic novel From Hell featured a superstar collaboration between Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, and while the duo worked away on this dark saga Eddie’s daughter Hayley, who was 7 years old at the time, had her own project in the works-The Ripper File. Full of grisly ways to meet one’s end, yet softened by [...]