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Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Photo: Shutterstock In the midst of the discussion over marriage equality these days, let us ask this question: Should three people be allowed to marry each other? After all, they’re all grown ups and what business does society have in regulating what they do in private? That’s the controversy [...]

The Actual Girl From Ipanema

Everyone knows that, tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking. But did you know the actual Girl from Ipanema that inspired the Bossa [...]

Liquid Art & Droplet Photography

“QUANTUM SHOT” #325(rev) Link – article by Avi Abrams One Ordinary Drop of Water: Liquid Art & Droplet Photography It certainly takes great skill and very good equipment to create these frozen-in-time “water sculptures”, in every captured frame revealing the inherent energy and the beautiful dynamics of flowing, cascading and dripping water: (“Dew-Soaked Dandelions” by Sharon Johnstone, see more [...]

11 Cool bridges from around the world

1. The Moses Bridge, Neverthlands Designed by architecture group RO & AD, The Moses Bridge is constructed out of Accoya wood, a hi-tech wood that is supposedly harder and more durable than some of the best tropical woods. It is treated with a nontoxic anti-fungal coating to maintain its split-the-water functionality. 2. Da Vinci Bridge, Norway A bridge [...]

7 Giant Fences Dividing Good Neighbors

The existing 650-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border has been a hot political topic in the States for the last few years, and with the Republican primary campaign in full swing, it’s making headlines again. Already, Michele Bachmann has promised to build a “double-walled fence” along the entire 2,000-mile border, while Herman Cain has said [...]

Ten Incredible Perfect Moments in the History of Editing

Novels, movies, cartoons, tattoos… everything is better on the second draft. 1. THE CATCH IN CATCH 22: The Edit that became an idiom In 1961, author Joseph Heller finally submitted his manuscript for Catch-18 to his editor, Robert Gottlieb. Although Heller had spent seven years perfecting the story, Gottlieb saw room for improvement. The editor taped the [...]

Our Readers’ Favorite Bookstore Cats (Volume Three)

Many mental_floss readers contributed to the list of bookstore cats we met in the previous four posts on the subject -and I certainly appreciate your help! However, many of those favorites don’t have a picture or biography on the internet. Here are some of the few left that do. Francis BookCourt is a small, independent bookstore in [...]

Happiness Truck

(Video Link) The ad agency Definition 6 developed a clever campaign for Coca-Cola. It created a truck designed to resemble a vending machine. There’s a giant button on the back marked “Push”. They drove it around Rio de Janeiro. When people pushed the button, all sorts of prizes popped out — bottles of Coke, soccer balls, [...]

"The Gift" from Kremlin

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. “The Gift” from Kremlin A mysterious box, a rollicking chase, thrilling direction (by by Carl Erik Rinsch), a beautiful vision of the future: can it get any better than this amazing short film? We don’t think so. Link Today’s pictures & links: Hanging Out We all know that rent can be outrageous, but [...]

Penguin Gets Prosthetic Beak

Tungo the penguin was found on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil unable to eat because his beak had been shattered, probably by a boat propeller. Veterinarians at the local zoo made him a new acrylic beak, fashioned in the shape of the broken pieces of his old beak. Tungo is recovering nicely and [...]