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Potentially Ominous Wedding Ring

Etsy seller Anama doesn’t actually market this ring as a wedding ring. But if someone proposed to you with this ring, could you consider it to be a good or a bad sign? Link

Raising the Bar: 9 Even More Elaborate Proposals

The modern custom of the elaborate public surprise proposal gives us lots of smiles and a few vicarious tears of happiness, even if we wouldn’t want such publicity for ourselves. We’ve posted several lists of them in the past. It’s just lovely to know people in love will go to so much trouble to express [...]

R2-D2 Engagement Ring

That’s an extremely well put-together little marriage. Joe had this ring custom made for his bride, Emily. Then, in the presence of their friends and while dressed as Peanuts characters, he popped the question. Link -via Geekologie

Stargate Wedding Ring

Hopefully a marriage joined with this ring will last more than 38 minutes. The Seattle-based company Wedding Band Designs says that the inner ring spins like a real stargate. This is just a design concept, so I hope that it does spin, or else we’ll be stuck here for a long, long time. Link -via When [...]

Bagel + Fancy Knife Skills = BAGEL-CHAIN

George Hart shows us how to cut a bagel such that it ends up as two linked bagel-rings. His knife follows the surface of a two-twist Möbius strip, making use of the initial bagel’s ring shape to tease the second ring out of it. Hart then proceeds to show us how to toast [...]

Ring-rolling Machine

I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know what it’s for, but I just can’t stop watching! Here’s a ring rolling machine from a Chinese forge making a red-hot glowing steel ring. I suspect you haven’t seen anything [...]

1d6 Ring

This sterling silver ring by Individual Icons would be a great engagement ring for a gamer. The recipient should roll a 4 or higher to accept a proposal. Link -via NotCot

The TARDIS Engagement Ring Box

If you believe that engagement rings are symbols of true love, then the ring box isn’t the only think that’s bigger on the inside. Link Via The Mary Sue

6 Reasons People Gave Up Their Super Bowl Rings

Courtesy of SCP Auctions Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s ring from Super Bowl XXV fetched $230,401 in an auction over the weekend. Over the years, several athletes and at least one owner have relinquished ownership of their championship bling for various reasons. Here are some examples. 1. Because a Little Girl Made You In 2008, New [...]

DRB Pic of the Day

“DRB Pic of the Day” Link Lovely Steampunk / Art Nouveau Ring Fantastic, sophisticated ring, designed by Sergey Zhiboedov – it’s inspired by the antique Greek architecture and true classic style, and includes 14k gold figures of the Atlant (male) and the Caryatid (female) giants supporting an amazing 9mm freshwater pearl: (image credit: Sergey Zhiboedov) And… we need [...]