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A Kilt Wearing, Bagpipe Playing, Unicycle Riding Darth Vader

(YouTube Link) Darth Vader is a captivating individual, and when he takes to the streets playing a bagpipe version of the Star Wars theme while riding a unicycle people stop to listen, and thankfully someone decided to capture the incident on video. Channeling the Dark Side via bagpipe is awesome enough, but doing it while wearing a [...]

The World Record for Riding a Unicycle Down a Line of Beer Bottles

(Video Link) Lutz Eichholz has accomplished the impossible. He previously set the world record for riding a unicycle down a line of beer bottles (a highly competitive event) at 7.99 meters. Now he’s smashed that record by riding 8.93 meters at Unicycle Israel Convention in Tel Aviv. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Merry Christmas from the Unipiper!

(YouTube link) Brian Kidd, also known as the Unipiper of Portland, Oregon was the very first entry in the GTFO contest earlier this year. He set the bar pretty high when we publicized the contest by showing the video where he played the Star Wars theme on pipes while riding a unicycle. He ended up winning [...]