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Don’t get it? That’s because this is the G-rated version of an earlier cartoon that couldn’t pass Facebook’s standards. It’s difficult to recognize Adam and Eve with clothes on! Mick Stevens had a cartoon in The New Yorker, which was reposted on the magazine’s Facebook page, and caused the magazine to be temporarily banned. To [...]

The Backstreet Fellowship Boys

(YouTube Link) The first time I watched this video it made me scream “Aaaaagh! Make It Stop!”, but I soon found myself oddly mesmerized by the awkward gyrations of the Fellowship crew. Once the horror subsided, I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Someone put some serious time and effort into this video, [...]

I Have No Patience For Patients

This word of the day PSA was spotted someplace where the people either have an ironic sense of humor, or they don’t have access to a dictionary. Hopefully it wasn’t found airing this ridiculousness on a college campus that specializes in giving out English Lit degrees. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this PSA it’s [...]

The 50 Most Ridiculous Outfits From New York Fashion Week 2012

Okay, so you should be able to tell from the headline that this was a particularly bad year for fashion at the New York Fashion Show. Granted, there are probably at least 10 outfits every year that make people want to break out in fits of laughter, but to have a whopping 50 examples, many of [...]

EU Bureaucrats: Drinking Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration

Can drinking water prevent dehydration? Before you laugh at the ridiculousness of such question, let me tell you that European Union bureaucrats in Brussels conducted a thorough three-year investigation, and found that there’s no [...]

The 20 Greatest Sharks in Pop Culture History

Shark Week starts this Sunday! Who’s your favorite pop culture shark? I have several, and they’re all here in a list of the greatest sharks from movies, TV, and even viral news. I bet you’ll see some you’d forgotten about -like SNL’s Land Shark. One of the most classic recurring sketches in Saturday Night Live history, [...]