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Portuguese Translations of Judd Apatow Movie Titles

Previously, Miss Cellania shared a link about the humorous mishaps that often ensue when American films are sent to audiences around the world. If you’re a Judd Apatow fan, you’ll especially appreciate Splitsider’s post ridiculous Portuguese translations of Judd Apatow movie titles. The author – a self-described Portuguese fan of comedy – offers his humorous assessment [...]

250 Movie Introductions of 185 People, Groups, and Things

Look, it’s Friday. You’ve got nine and a half minutes to kill. Why not watch a supercut of a bunch of 250 people (or cyborgs, or heroes, or villains) introducing 185 people, groups, and things from classic (and very not-classic) movies? It’s weirdly hypnotic. I also feel a little weird that I recognize virtually all [...]