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Your Assumptions Are Wrong

(Video Link) Richard Wiseman, whose work we’ve featured extensively at Neatorama, knows how perform slight of hand tricks and create optical illusions because, as a trained psychologist, he understands how the mind works. The room in this video changes as Wiseman strips away the assumptions that you’ve made. Wiseman’s Website -via The Presurfer

Don’t Bother with Positive Thinking, Do Positive Actions Instead!

Want to be happy? Don’t try to think yourself happy, just smile instead (regardless of how you feel). Want to boost your will power? Tense up. Countless self-help books advocate that you think yourself rich/thin/happy, [...]

10 Bets You Will Never Lose

(YouTube link) These tricks from Richard Wiseman look really neat, but you may have to go back and watch some of them over a couple of times to get them straight. I would advise playing these tricks on your friends one at a time, or your friend may end up completely shattered. -via Breakfast Links Previously: More [...]

Science-ish Tricks for Parties

Want to impress your friends with science? Okay, not so much “science” as cleverly constructed bar bets relying mostly on physics, human perception, and some chemistry? Okay, then I’ve got a video for you! In this quick YouTube video, Richard Wiseman shows simple instructions for ten easy tricks. I tried several of these and mostly [...]