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11 Long Celebrity Marriages That Ended in Divorce

When some celebrity couples divorce, it’s not at all surprising (here’s looking at you, Kim and Kris). But when couples like Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito announce they’re divorcing after 30 years of marriage, it comes as a true shock. We really thought those crazy kids—and many of the couples on this list—would make it! 1. [...]

Say Hello to Saturn’s Moons

Image: NASA/JPL-CalTech/Space Science Institute Look closely at the photo above and you can pick out 5 of Saturn’s 60 natural satellites (Janus, Pandora, Enceladus, Mimas, and Rhea) as well as the planet’s iconic rings: A [...]

Zeus and Cronus at the Dinner Table

According to Greek myth, Cronus, the leader of the Titans, was destined to be overthrown by one of his own children. He was aware of this prophecy. Consequently, Cronus ate any child that Rhea bore. Zeus, however, survived and fulfilled the prophecy. It’s kind of funny, in a gruesome way, as Graham Annable depicts the [...]