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Curious George’s Great Escape

How the inquisitive monkey and two bicycles saved a German couple’s lives. German-born Jewish couple Hans and Margret Rey were starting to feel nervous in the fall of 1939. The Nazis were getting uncomfortably close to their adopted hometown of Paris, where they had moved four years earlier to work on children’s books. Rather than tempt [...]

19 Fun Facts About Children’s Books Spotted at the Library

This past week I spent some quality time in the children’s section of my local library. Over on Instagram (we’re @mental_floss), I’ve been sharing photos of books with facts related to them. Since only 1,030 people have joined us over there — way more than the 42 who’d joined us before last weekend, but still [...]

The Most Dangerous Pathway in the World?

Don’t look down now! There can’t be many pathways in the world more dangerous than this – can there? Please say that there aren’t! From the article There are some places in this world to which the locals say you would be mad to venture. Sometimes this can be dismissed as exaggeration or hyperbole designed to encourage [...]