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Chocolate Gladiator Bikini

It’s like Mad Max 2 was produced by the Food Network! Cindy Fabre, Miss France in 2005, wore this costume made out of chocolate for the chocolate industry’s recent trade fair in Aix en Provence: They used more than 300 pieces of chocolate including chocolate truffles, chocolate hearts and caramel filled chocolate bites to make the [...]

Bald Baby Penguin

The parents of a newborn penguin at an aquarium in China rejected him, probably for being unusually devoid of feathers. But caretakers nursed him to good health and brought him back into the colony: The aquarium set up a penguin group to care for the youngster around the clock. After a month of hand feeding the [...]

No Place Like Gnome

Retired window cleaner, Ron Broomfield, has been collecting garden gnomes for 50 years and now has 1600 of them. The garden ornaments have taken over Broomfield’s home, both inside and out but he loves these endearing statues and even dresses as a gnome when he does his twice weekly grocery shopping.┬áThe value of this collection [...]

The Great Escape Attempt

Could anything be cuter than a baby panda climbing out of a crib? I don’t think so. Wen Li the cub tried her great escape at the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Institute in China. Unfortunately, her sense of balance is still a bit wobbly and she toppled over the side, ending up with little more than [...]