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Why is the Retirement Age 65?

In the early 1880s, Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck of Germany had a problem. Marxist unrest was spreading across Europe and some of his own countrymen were calling for socialist reforms. To take the wind out of their sails and stave off more radical policies, Bismarck concocted a first-of-its-kind social insurance program wherein the national government [...]

Ghost of former pub barman photographed ?

Paul Morgan photographed an unusual anomaly during a retirement party at Apsley House in Southsea. There have been reports of a ghost at the ale-house…

Luxury Retirement Abroad for Greek Donkeys

As the Greek economy continues to tumble, there’s a glimmer of hope for "retirees" who are offered a luxurious retirement abroad by a British royalty: great food, great room with a view of the [...]

George Takei on Social Security: So Easy Kirk Can Do It!

Cushy retirement on the pleasure planet Risa is sadly still fiction, but aging Trekkers may still take pleasure in seeing George Takei’s YouTube clips for Social Security. Fanboy has the clips: Link (and that old lady beside him? Ohh, Myyy! You’ll be surprised when you find out who she is!)

91 Year Old Body Builder

At 91 years of age most people are relegated to the retirement home, shuffling around in a walker or a motorized scooter. However Charles Eugster started body building at 85 and now feels fit and energized. Great, this makes me feel even better about my beer belly. Link (Image credit: Gian Paul Lozza for the Guardian)