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Star Wars Trilogy Map Illustrations

Artist Andrew DeGraff illustrates non-map concepts with maps. The result can be confusing unless you are familiar with the subject matter. Of course, almost everyone is familiar enough with the  original Star Wars films to follow these three new maps created for a gallery show from Andrew DeGraff and Bennett Slater opening Saturday at Gallery [...]

Hello Kitty Airport Gate

Douglas Adams noted: It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the phrase, ‘as pretty as an airport.’ Airports are ugly. Some are very ugly. Some attain a degree of ugliness that can only be the result of a special effort. The effort put into this gate at Taiwan’s largest airport [...]

Woman holds record for longest nails

Chris Walton hasn’t clipped her nails for 18 years and as a result they measure up to 10ft in length. The grotesquely long and curved fingernails hang…

Hoping This Will Meet with Your Approval

Some people really know how to write a letter and get to the point, with the result of pleasing the recipient. Despite never being published in the paper, the following brief letter — sent to the offices of The Times in 1946 by the famously eccentric Lt. Col. Alfred Daniel Wintle — was so adored by [...]

New Thirty Years War Over Energy In the Near Future?

Here is a happy thought; the fight for global energy resources may result in a thirty year war. According to Michael T. Klare at CBS News the fighting could take thirty years and result in a new structuring of our society much like the Thirty Years War of the 1600’s resulted in the modern nation [...]

The Ghost Cities of China

Sometimes it seems like China’s the new Texas — everything’s bigger there. The population, the infrastructure, you name it — even the ghost towns are bigger. Actually, it’s hard to call what China has ghost towns, because A) they are actually cities, and B) they are empty but not abandoned; for the most part, they’ve [...]

Fasciated Saguaro

Have you ever seen a saguaro cactus like this? This is a cristate (“crested”) cactus, a result of fasciation, which is explained at TYWKIWDBI. The cactus somehow leads to an explanation of the Stevie Nicks song “Edge of Seventeen”. Link

Gun Safe with a Powered Rotating Racks

Gun safes are normally built with fixed racks for long arms and shelves for handguns. As a result, the firearm that a user wishes to remove may be at the back, behind several others. Bruce Pendleton was dissatisfied with this arrangement and so built a gun safe that has electrically-powered lazy susan racks and counters. Product [...]

10 Nastiest Cocktails In Human History

Some mixed drinks are designed to taste bad, others are given gross names. Why? That’s just what happens when people try to be funny in their mixology experiments. The result is something that you might not want to try unless you’ve already had a few drinks. Warning: the linked post may be considered NSFW or [...]

Three Divinely-Inspired Backyards

They say God works in mysterious ways — and if you look at the things these three men have created in their backyards, a result, each says, of divine inspiration, it seems mysterious indeed. John Hudgens recently visited Horace Burgess’ massive treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee — he writes, “He says that God told him “If [...]