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Vote for America’s Best Restroom

Every year, Cintas holds a competition for the poshest public potty in the country. Now the top ten finalists have been selected, and it’s up to you to vote for America’s Best Restroom! Shown is the restroom at Mie N Yu Restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC. It’s just one of ten lovely [...]

Scene from a School Restroom

Redditor TypicalTacos attends a school in Barrie, Ontario. This mysterious figure made from black duct tape was found in a restroom there. Your assignment is to explain its meaning. Show all of your work. Link -via Geekosystem

The Secret Restroom

There’s an entire website about the “Secret Restroom” located to the side of Carnation Plaza at Disneyland. It’s not so much a secret anymore, but it is a fully-accessible one-holer tucked away as to not be noticeable. It’s also cleaned every half-hour. From the FAQs: Why is the Secret Restroom better than other Disneyland restrooms? For [...]

Extreme Bathroom Graffiti

This picture shows a school restroom stall on which someone has written the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Schools have much nicer restrooms now than when I was a student. Link -via The Daily What

The Downside of Saving Energy

Holy Juan spotted this sign in a public restroom. There’s always a downside to doing the green thing, but if you’re good at sound effects, you can get away with it! Link